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Stained glass painting of the Goede Herderkerk in IJmuiden

Stained glass painting of the Goede Herderkerk in IJmuiden

What appealed to us in Andrea's paintings is her figurative way of working, beautiful shapes and colors. When we wanted to have a painting made in this style, we could indicate from the start what we wanted in terms of colors, the layout and which elements we wanted to include in the painting. We live in a church that has been converted into a residential building and we wanted all kinds of elements of the old church to come back.

We sent Andrea pictures of stained glass motifs. Andrea photographed the church from the outside so that this could be reflected in the painting.


Andrea herself is always enthusiastic and during the work things were always adjusted and changed in consultation with her. An example is the weathercock, the coat of arms of Velsen, which once decorated the tower. Now it would look a bit small and moreover we found the left corner of the painting a bit empty. The solution was found in adding a large coat of arms in the upper left corner. We always enjoy getting enthusiastic reactions from visitors.

Jan Kieftenbeld

The painting hangs next to the original stained glass.
De Goede Herderskerk in IJmuiden