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A painting for Kymo and Nox

A painting for Kymo and Nox

Andrea bedankt voor het vastleggen van onze mooie herinneringen!

Like any brand new parent, we wanted something special for our child. We wanted a unique birth announcement card. And that's how we ended up at Atelier Andrea. We had a lot of wishes and ideas and the creative mind of Andrea was able to create awhole. For example, we received a birth announcement card that was custom made and completely unique.

After we realized that Andrea's creativity had no limits, we also wanted to have a painting made for our son. As small as he was, it had to suit him. The blond, handsome curly-haired boy who prefers to be outside, diving into every sand pile like a real 'Freek in the Wild', had to get a painting that suited him. And in our opinion Andrea has succeeded perfectly. It hangs on our wall as an eye catcher and every time I look at it or someone asks about it, it gives me a good feeling and I am proud of "our" painting.

And then came son number two, who of course could not stay behind. Andrea also started working with creativity and passion for him. But this time in a completely different way. Because this time we did not really know what direction to take. Only that it had to be different and have lots of colors. And Nox's card also became aone of a kind. Fresh, cheerful and colorful.

Nox is a very different child. A boy of cars, trains and mostly a clown. When Nox walks in, the room becomes just a little bit lighter and that's how his painting was supposed to be. And it is. A fresh, casual and happy painting that makes our room just a little bit brighter.

We have two great memories when we look at the cards and two great paintings, which create emotional value and pride for us.

For both the birth announcements and the paintings, a conversation preceded the design, so that the direction was determined and we could see what your wishes were. We then got to see a sample, so you knew if it was broadly in line with what you had in mind. Because that's one thing we were most surprised about. A few words, resulted in a visual process with surprising results.

Andrea I am happy to thank you again in this way for your fine conversations, creative insight, patience, kindness, professionalism and understanding of our ideas and wishes. We have two beautiful memories when we look at the cards and two amazing paintings, which generate emotional value and pride for us.

Love Charlene, Nick, Kymo and Nox!

Kymo (links) en Nox (rechts) poseren voor hun ‘eigen’ schilderij
Kymo voor zijn schilderij
Nox voor zijn schilderij