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Art at the Nursery

Art at the Nursery

When I was expecting my daughter and was already decorating the baby's room in my head, I knew that there had to be art by Mom. I love her work immensely so I was sure it would be exactly what I wanted. Even before I got pregnant, I knew Mom was toying with the idea of painting animals, but much more abstract than usual. This idea really appealed to me.

When I knew what colors the baby's room should be I passed it on immediately. I wanted a leopard in my daughter's room. The Chi-Tah was therefore designed especially for her, in exactly the colors that I passed on. In the end it became a series of three that I really like. Tough because the animals are abstract and sweet because of the colors. They fit perfectly in her room.

On January 7, mom became, grandma to Olivia. The Chi-Tah became the front of her birth card. Inside the card, G-Raff was also featured. Olivia is now 9 weeks old and is starting to take a good look at the Art Prints. She finds them very interesting, which is probably due to the contrast and use of color. Every evening now we wish all the animals goodnight.

I'm getting really positive feedback on the birth announcement and on the Art Prints in Olivia's room. They are not the "standard" animals you see on many posters. It's really something special!

Thanks mom!

Love, Denise

Click here for Chi-Tah, Mr. O and G-Raff or click here to see all the Art Prints.

De voor- en binnenkant van Olivia’s geboortekaartje
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