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In the red-orange of a bowl

In our search for a painting that suited us, we found a lot of inspiration but it was all just not there. We knew Andrea but didn't know her well enough as an artist. We were tipped off to go and talk to Andrea and in the conversations with Andrea we indicated what our wishes were, Andrea complemented that well.

Because we have a lot of natural colors in our house we wanted something bright and abstract. People were allowed on it but not recognizable or reducible. A fun anecdote is that we had a bowl with a red-orange color, one of the colors that definitely had to be present in the painting. Andrea took that dish and used it for the color schemes.

That's how we started the adventure with Andrea. Andrea indicated that it was out of her comfort zone, but wanted to make it. During the creation of the painting, we went back to look at it and based on our reactions, Andrea continued. Andrea was given the freedom to fully incorporate her inspirations into the painting. 

The result is beautiful, Andrea really surprised us with the end result and we are very happy with it. It has been given a prominent place in our living room. We get a lot of good reactions to the painting.

We are proud of it and Andrea should certainly be proud of the result as well.

Thanks Andrea

Geert, Karin, Bregje and Jesse Cloosterman