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Custom Made
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Ester en Jurgen wilden graag een familielijntekening in de woonkeuken van hun prachtige nieuwbouw familiehuis. Uitgangspunt punt was Art Print ‘Six is a party’ Deze Art Print heb ik voor hun vertaald naar een schilderij op maat.

Inspired by Interface

I commissioned this painting for a very nice couple from Amsterdam. They were very charmed by the Art Print Interface and their assignment was: 'We want a painting with Interface as a starting point, but then translated to our house, interior and the corresponding color palette.'

A painting based on natural elements

For a personal painting, we very deliberately chose Andrea. We had already seen beautiful and special works of art from her hand. Moreover, she is a nice and warm personality to work with. Inspired by natural elements such as sea, soil, fire and wood, the painting took shape.

In the red-orange of a bowl

In our search for a painting that suited us, we found a lot of inspiration but it was all just not there. We knew Andrea but didn't know her well enough as an artist. We were tipped off to go and talk to Andrea and in the conversations with Andrea we indicated what our wishes were, Andrea complemented that well.

Art in the nursery!

When I was expecting my daughter and was already decorating the baby's room in my head, I knew that there had to be art by Mom. I love her work immensely so I was sure it would be exactly what I wanted. Even before I got pregnant, I knew Mom was toying with the idea of painting animals, but much more abstract than usual. This idea really appealed to me.

When I knew what colors the baby's room should be I passed it on immediately. I wanted a leopard in my daughter's room.

A painting for Kymo and Nox

Like any brand new parent, we wanted something special for our child. We wanted a unique birth announcement card. And that's how we ended up at Atelier Andrea. We had a lot of wishes and ideas and the creative mind of Andrea was able to create awhole

The origins of Visus

Andrea creates paintings at the request of the client. We chose Andrea because we wanted a painting in theme and color appropriate to the practice. After consulting and coordinating our ideas on location where the painting would hang, Andrea created a sample design.

Stained glass painting of the Goede Herderkerk in IJmuiden

What appealed to us in Andrea's paintings is her figurative way of working, beautiful shapes and colors. When we wanted to have a painting made in that style, we could indicate from the beginning what we wanted with the colors, the division of the surface and which elements we wanted to have incorporated in the painting.

Kolibri Fantasy

We too wanted a personalized painting. And since Andrea is a very professional and sensitive woman we came to her. She took the time to regularly brainstorm with us about how we wanted it.

Inspired by the painting 'Vogelvlucht'

This painting -inspired by painting Bird's Flight- has different dimensions 200 x 100cm. The wish was to make the painting more personal.

Africa Inspired

This painting was created with Africa as the starting point. It is a painting in mixed media with rope, cotton, straw and leather. Copper, gold..

A little bit Gustav

A painting fitting the atmosphere of a fantastic sleek, modern new home. The assignment was: warm colors, abstract, but not too abstract..


The clients of this painting were looking for a work that suited their interior. Preferably abstract, but not too much... I hear that more often! By adding graphic forms, the whole gets more peace.

The horses from Demi

"Would you like to paint my horses?" It was a great challenge for me to get these the pony and the horse right and lifelike on the canvas.


Grandpa and grandma love their dog Polly. So we thought it would be a great idea to give all the children and grandchildren a painting of Polly for Grandpa's 85th birthday.